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More Beach Sessions! 

Summer 2017, Sand Hill Cove 

These sessions have been so much fun with all of the little ones; I only have a few more scheduled but I will definitely be doing them next year as well! 

Baby C, Newborn

17 days new 

Summer 2017

Beach Sessions are in full swing

Sand Hill Cove, Narragansett RI

Nova, 10 days

Such a peanut! A spring baby on a rainy day. 

Luke, 3 weeks 

Little Luke was a great sleeper when he fell asleep! He is so cute and squishy, and one of the older newborns I've had in studio this year! 

  • DSC_8480-5
  • DSC_8514-12
  • DSC_8540-19
  • DSC_8518-14
  • DSC_8544-21

Vincent, March 2017

I had a last minute opening this past weekend, and Jessica brought Vincent in. He is already 4 weeks old, but once he fell asleep he was so squishy and easy to pose! I'm thrilled with this gallery! 

  • DSC_7153-3
  • DSC_7181-6
  • DSC_7194-8
  • DSC_7218-12
  • DSC_7232-15
  • DSC_7266-20
  • DSC_7324-27

Welcome Brady Vincent- March 2017

Brady came to visit at just 5 days old. Although his mom said he was a great sleeper, he didn't want to sleep a wink for me. We still got some really great images. He looks just like his older brother.  

  • DSC_6829-Edit-Edit-2-6
  • DSC_6810-Edit-9
  • DSC_6834-Edit-3
  • DSC_6830-Edit-2-5
  • DSC_6846-Edit-2-1

Sweet Baby Colin- January 2017

Colin was the perfect sleepy baby to have in studio. Once he fell asleep he allowed me to capture some of my favorite photos to date. 

  • DSC_6263-2
  • DSC_6250-2
  • DSC_6295-Edit-2
  • DSC_6285-2
  • DSC_6304-2

Christmas Minis 2016

We did Christmas minis in studio and we also visited Seven Cedar's tree farm. I love how cute all the kids were, dressed in their Christmas pjs and Santa hats! 

  • DSC_2753-2
  • DSC_2442-3
  • DSC_3885-2
  • DSC_3969-2
  • DSC_4608-2
  • DSC_5172-2
  • DSC_2269-3
  • DSC_4813-2
  • DSC_4102-2

Erin's Engagement Session- Fall 2016

I met Erin while working with her at a restaurant. Later, she contacted me to do her engagement session, and I am in love with how the images came out. 

  • DSC_1973-2
  • DSC_2011-2
  • DSC_2036-2
  • DSC_2063-2
  • DSC_2072-2
  • DSC_2156-2

Christina and Vincent- Wedding 2016

I was the second shooter at this simple summer wedding, with a friend who also was the photographer at my sister's wedding. I love how these images turned out. 

  • DSC_4627-2
  • DSC_4700-2
  • DSC_4827-2
  • DSC_4978-2
  • DSC_4971-2
  • DSC_5012-2